• Jasmine Nelson

What a Time, What a Time

As I sit here scratching my chin hair, I can't help to think. "Is this the Right or Wrong time to run out of shavers?" Since this quarantine thing started, I have to say in the beginning, I thought I had a good supply of shavers for backup. Then here in California, we all found out that the days in our homes were going to last much longer then expected (but really it was expected). Anyone thinking other wise lacks a little common sense. The people who lack a lot of the common Sense, are the people who just looooove to take all the toilet paper. They just knowwww that they are going to be blowing up their toilets for the next few months -__-.... If I'm talking about you, get over it, ya'll out here lookin crazy. Share some love so we can all wipe our asses.... PLEASE

Anyway, back to scratching my hairy neck, chin, whatever. I realized, hmm I guess it's not so bad to take a break from cutting the grass for a while. I'm not out here trying to impress anyone in my house hold, they know what the deal is.... I can't lie, every time I look into the mirror I see the beginning stages of becoming a werewolf or in better terms a literal catwoman (that sounds more feminine).

As much as I think that it's OK to be going through this unwillingly neglected time in my life (I'm sure others as well can agree). As soon as someone calls to video chat, I feel like I need to throw on one of those bandannas (because we lack face masks). Then act like I'm about to go out somewhere, knowing damn well I'm not about to leave this house. Now I'm out here doing the most for a few minutes on the phone when I don't have to. In my mind I say that I could just be brave and show my face. My Heart? My heart says "Girl you better stop playing! That bandanna is too small, go throw a blanket over your head" and I can't help but reply with a " Girl your right!" lol. Go on and act like your taking a nap.

Really this is getting on my nerves, my man wants to touch my face and I just want to holds hands. If I give him a hug, I'm sure he feels the roughness on his shoulder blade. That sh!t is not only embarrassing, it's wild! I know there are some women out there going through that same thing. We can't go get waxed unless we do it ourselves, giving self conflicted 3rd degree burns. Threading is another story, mess around and use that same string you struggled with for floss. Laser and Electrolysis, forget about it! Those places aren't going to be open for a while. The plucking thing is good if you don't get ingrown hair, but what about the rest of us? I guess that really doesn't matter anyway, for those who don't have that kind of struggle. Ya'll don't care and I wouldn't either lol smh.

What I'm trying to say while just typing here recklessly. That I can't wait to come across some regular handheld shavers, so I can have a clean cut. I no longer want to contemplate whether or not to use clippers that lead to then having a 5 O'clock shadow. I need help, somebody save me! lol

Hope you enjoyed the Read XD

-Jasmine Nelson

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