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Update Testing (Weird Cluster hair spot R1) - Get Rid Of The Facial Hair

Ok ladies! I shared this post in my Facebook group 6/22/20 and decided to show you all my process. I have been testing the second version of my product on this weird patch of hair I have right on the side of my jawline and decided to document that spot. Anyway, so I did a before pic of this cluster of hair and plucked it bald on June 2nd. I'm excited to say I notice a growth of thin hair just coming in a couple of days ago and wanted to take a picture of it today. Its been exactly 20 days (OF CONSISTENT USE) and there is nowhere near the amount of hair that I started out with. Normally all of it would have been back within 6 days. As far as the discoloration. I should have put some sunscreen on. Was enjoying Father's day out in the sun -___-.... (the challenging part of trying to get rid of dark spots..)

The First and Second Pic was taken on the 6/2/2020 The Third pic was taken today 6/22/2020

Will do another update a week from now to see where the growth is2

Jasmine Nelson

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