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Update Round #1 Testing - Get Rid Of The Facial Hair

Hey Ladies! I just wanted to document and share my process with you all. I shared some images in my FB Group 6/3/20, I am testing methods of how to best use my product. So I have been shaving my neck every 5 days comparing photos of the process. I also decided to pluck my chin bald.

*My chin hair took much longer to grow back. I plucked my chin and been using the new oil on it everyday CONSISTENTLY. Any other time I plucked my chin bald the hair would come back in the time of 7 to 10 days (like seeing a lot of new black hairs in the pores. But what I can say I did notice that the hair became much thinner and some have come back transparent. So far I think plucking or waxing is probably the better way to go to see quicker results but I will give another update to let it grow out some to compare images.

The first image is hair that grew 3 days after shaving. Then I plucked it bald. 5/22/20 The 2nd (same position) and 3rd (closer up/ side view) image is the new hair coming in. Which I took yesterday. 6/2/20

*For my neck hair, to be honest, there have been little changes. It seems to be growing at a slower rate and does have some continuous hair thinning. The existing hair that was already thin seems to not have had a chance to grow back in the 5 day period.

With this last trial. These pics are 5 days apart.

The 1st and 2nd photos were taken on May 30th. The 3rd photo was taken today

After doing the plucking vs shaving test. Chin vs neck. I feel like using the product is way more effective to pluck so the oil can travel to the root in the pore.

Jasmine Nelson

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