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Spot On, Spot Off

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said "WTF?" "Why am I still dealing with this on my XYZ?" If you have, I can tell you, you are not the only one. For someone who has Hirsutism this is nothing new and I'm sure we all have tried just about everything under the sun to get rid of those pesky marks of hyperpigmentation. If you have an abundant amount of peach fuzz, Im guessing you don't really have this problem, but if you do that means you have thick dark hair somewhere on your body sprouting out the surface of your skin and nose diving right back in like a dolphin in the ocean.

I wanted to write about the annoyance of hyperpigmentation, because I feel like this is the second if not first worst thing to deal with in our everyday lives. Not only do you we try to remove the hair from all the visible areas of our appearance, we try to cover the scarring hair left behind. It's one thing to go through puberty dealing with a pimple outbreaks. It's another to have a parade of ingrown hair bombarding your life. So what I'm trying to say is, if you're reading this you and I both are tired of the dark spot situation. I want to give you a history of what I've tried and a tip of what I do now that has been working for me. (Skip to the last paragraph for the tip) LOL

1. Spot Treatment systems

I've only tried two systems in my whole life, both of which I used during high school. The Clean and Clear Advantage and Black Opal Acne Systems. At the time I didn't know that I had hirsutism, I didn't understand that my problem wasn't the acne is was the ingrown hair. Don't get me wrong, whatever blemishes I had directly on my face had cleared, the problem was on my neck! The Clean and Clear helped with regular pimples, as far as reducing swelling. The original Black Opal faded spots but my face started to look ghostly. So to anyone of color avoid Hydroquinone, it's a bleaching chemical that can make you look ghostly or in other words have a ashy skin tone like a gross sister. (Only a few will get that joke)

2. Chemical Peels

As far as peels go in general, I personally don't care for them due to skin irritation, sun exposure, and trying to cover the peeling process. You really have to find a good sunscreen to apply that won't give you a stinging feeling over the exposed areas. What didn't work for me may work for others. No hate here.

3. Creams and Agents

Now I know you've all heard of Noxzema & Cocoa Butter. Everyone and their mama suggested using these in the early 2000s. I can tell you that Noxzema never worked for me. Cocoa butter just helped me receive more pimples (the oil clogged my pores), but it did become the BEST moisturizer for my lips! For those who want to know I used the cocoa butter stick (the thick chunky yellow one). I've tried Tend Skin as well just to get rid of the ingrown hair. That helped a little, but had to stop using it due to irritation over time.

4. Bleaches

The only bleaches I've tried, which are natural were Lemon juice, Honey, and Potato juice. All of which had their pros and cons. Lemon juice darken spots due to sun exposure, citrus ingredients can lead to the sun frying your skin. Lo and behold you're now worse than you started off (use 100 spf for all you essential oil users). Honey is a sticky mess, I just didn't like the feeling. Using Potato juice worked for a while, but was too much work to make. I found out that the Russet Potato turns pink (oxidation) when extracting the juice from shredded material. (I thought my potato was GMOd to the fullest). Overall it won't hurt to try. *shrugs*

What worked for me is very simple. I washed my face with African Black Soap (the real stuff), that's the best soap period. Next, you'd be surprised to know a lot of people don't know about this. Are you ready? EXFOLIATE! Now I'm not saying go out and tear up you skin with something hard like sea salt or sand. I'm saying something soft, very fine, damn near powder. In my case, I am already partially exfoliating with the black soap but, my true go to is just using a razor. That's right! Everytime I had to remove some hair, I took a NEW single blade razor, and shave WITH the hair growth, NOT against it. Oh but that's not all, I shave with natural 100% Shea butter. The reason why I shave with Shea butter is because it moisturizes your skin, it loosen up the dead skin, and it also shields the sun (natural sunscreen). After I apply my Umber Oil which seem to help speed up the process. BAM! You will start to notice the dramatic decrease of ingrown hair and the fading of the dark spots begin! Super simple and It's cheap too.

Personal image of me. Before Dec. 2019 - After Apr. 2020

(the light is obviously is not the same but you can still see a clear difference)

Hope you got something out of the read!

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Jasmine Nelson

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