• Jasmine Nelson

*Neck Update*

I posted this in my Facebook group yesterday, so don't mind my copy and paste lol

I know I'm late BUT Super excited to share with you all about this neck hair process. I wanted to show you the transformation. On some photos, I didn't allow the hair to grow out all the way but you can definitely tell the numbers of thick hairs that were visible. I'm happy to say I no longer have thick hair strands on my neck! Like OMG I freakin hated to see that grow in the mirror, but anyway I just took photos today and will be starting a new round on my neck. Just to note the last two images are from me using the 1st version of the oil I made. That is image 5/30 to 6/16. After I just strictly used the 2nd/newer bottle.

-The 1st image is June 16th vs July 25. Now I KNOW YALL SEE THAT! Its noticeably thinner and less hair! yall don't know how happy I am. I'm just hoping this mess doesn't grow back!

-2nd image was taken today 7/25. This is exactly 20 days of growth. Hair plucking was very easy, less in numbers, no breakage due to technique. Plucked bald

-3rd image was taken 7/5. 15 days of growth Didn't fully allow it to grow out but slightly thinker with a few more hairs. plucked before this image on 6/20.

-4th image was taken 6/16. 15 days of growth. the same comparison image as the first one. Then plucked bald (started using the second version)

-5th image was taken 5/30. Had used the first version.

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