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My Electrolysis

Quick story about my experience with electrolysis. Back in 2017, I really wanted to find a way to get rid of this facial hair forever. I must have looked high and low for solutions after finding out that laser hair removal would just be a waste of money (at least for me).

Laser Hair removal on women of color is not recommended, the reason being that the laser can mistake your skin as the hair that it is trying to remove. The laser its self targets what is high in melanin. (the contrast between lighter skin and dark hair). I honestly wasn't trying to figure out whether my skin tone was appropriate for laser hair removal. I had seen enough videos of women with my similar skin tone have their skin destroyed due to get laser hair removal. So this was an absolute no go for me.

I came across electrolysis being that it is and now was the next best thing. I've read that there are 3 methods that can be used in the hair removal process.

Electrolysis Methods:

Galvanic - Chemically melts/dissolves the hair follicle

Thermolysis - focusing heat to the targeted area (the root)

blend - Use of both methods in one

I looked into the blended Method. It was recommended to be used towards thick dark coarse hair. All of which I possessed. The only thing is I read that bent hair follicles can be hard to maneuver with the needle to reach the root, so this was a concern of mine. I felt that a lot of the hair on my neck had no direction, but I would just let the electrolysis tech make that call. (Hopefully to not take advantage of me because I have the money to spend) -_-..

I found a location that had great ratings and reviews. I wanted to have the longest session available and that happened to be for an hour, which had cost me 80 dollars. That was fine since I had extra income to spare. I figured if this went right I would pursue to come bi-weekly or at least when there was available time. The scheduling I found to be booked up quickly. Luckily my first appointment happen to be 2 days after I made it.

Once I came to my appointment, I met a very nice technician. She asked what type of music I'd like to listen to and offered anything to drink before we started the session. Great customer service by pushing to have her clients be comfortable. There in the middle of the room was a table to lay on. I felt like I was going to be in a slaughter scene in a movie. I was comfortably prepared for what was to come. The tech laid me on the table ready to go through this hour-long process.

What happens before the session you are handed a metal bar that is supposed to regulate or balance the electric currants you will endure. The tech then cleaned up my face ( I'm sure with rubbing alcohol) and began a test run of what level current I and my hair follicles could handle. In detail, the device used to deliver the currents looks like a pen with a long needlepoint. The needle is to go into each pore and burn the root and surrounding walls of the hair follicle. (This is supposed to burn the ... to cut any nutrients to feed and produce a new hair bulb). After the electric shot takes place (which will be 3 to 5 seconds per follicle) the hair will be tweezed out. I let the tech know if she wanted to go to a higher voltage, that was fine with me, I just wanted this mess off my face lol, plus I could handle pain quite well. So she began to work. Throughout the hour I could smell burning, tugging, and hear the zaps and sizzle. There were a few times where it was uncomfortable. I hade a few think hairs that needed a double-take. I had to say that I didn't realize that I had so much hair that the tech was not able to get through a third of the hair I had. She mentioned that every quarter inch there are about 100 hair follicles. Right then I knew I was going to end up spending a lot of money.

After the session, the tech took and metal roller and rolled across worked areas, this soothed the swelling. She mentions not the touch my face for 2 days, no washing, don't pick at it, and use Aloe Vera on the worked area. Even though the electrolysis didn't hit my whole face I was pleased with the outcome that my chin and parts of my neck looked cleaner. I did notice that same night there were whiteheads everywhere and found out that they where the hair shafts (That was weird, but I didn't touch it as she said). So I went ahead and scheduled another appointment for two weeks later that month. From then on, I continued to have electrolysis done a little over a year. Now I didn't go every other week all that time like I wanted to. A lot of the time I had to schedule with what was available which was all over the place, but I still managed to go 2 - 3 times a month.

After that amount of time, I was hoping I would see a lot on improvement. It was nice not having to shave different areas of my face for weeks at a time, but I did develop some scaring in the process due to now having ingrown hair. Realizing that I didn't see too much of a change, I discontinued making appointments. I sometimes wonder if I had continued with my appointments where would I be now. Well, I will never know... Who knows it might just work for you :)

Hope this read gave you some incite

-Jasmine Nelson

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