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*Chin Update Round #2* (Super Excited) - Get Rid of Facial Hair

-Posted this last Monday in my FB Group. Thought I should share here too.

So I figured I would start doing these rounds until this hair completely stops growing. I'm happy to say that I love seeing the improvement on this chin hair. It's becoming even less noticeable! the clear hair that was growing before has not come back yet and the black hair became even finer.

-First Chin Update- The very first set of pictures I sent out for documenting was 12 days apart. Before shot, plucked bald shot, and then the growth. After did a week later shot to see how the hair continued to grow out.

This time around the same day I took the last chin pic of both sides (First Photo), Plucked it bald (Second) which were both done on June 10th, and took an updated picture this morning (Third Photo) June 29th.

So Its been a full-on 19 days not doing anything to my chin other than washing my face, exfoliating and CONSISTENTLY adding the oil 2x a day.

*Noted I started using the second version of this product about 2 months ago.

All I know is that I'm very happy with what I'm seeing and cant wait to see what happens next. I'm going to let it grow out for another week and give another update before I start round 3.

From the Last Post, I made - Photo 1- both sides after 19 days of growth with the Very first chin update.

Chin Hair Plucked Bald- Photo 2 - Same day as photo 1

Monday - Photo 3 - Today pic after 19 days of growth. OBVIOUSLY, THE HAIR HAS SLOWED DOWN YAYYYYYY

Before testing - Hot mess of a chin. 2 days of growth after shaving. Sorry, I would have just let it grow out but I so used to get rid of it as I saw the hair growing.

Jasmine Nelson

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